Mäkelä Who?

Jyrki Mäkelä, is a Finnish migraine care pioneer and serial entrepreneur with 14 companies on his belt so far. For quarter of century migraine sufferers and some other pain sufferers have been able to rejoice his pain care craft and ever burning desire to help people in pain.

Loud and Fast 46 Years and Counting

Ever since he was born, Jyrki has been passionate learner and explorer of life in many ways. One could humorously say that that never ending flame of learning, discovering and creating new helpful and fun things have roots on how he was born.

To attract maximum mount of attention, he strategically decided to plunge out in the middle of the night. His mother was in the maternity ward and woke up 02:30 that she needs to use a WC. She slowly dragged herself up and through the very quiet hall to the WC. As soon she sat down, she felt it! Here comes the baby! My mother started to shout with a full power of her voice, “the baby is coming, can someone help me?!” Yeah, that was Jyrki coming out. Very soon two midwifes rushed to the toilet to give a help to my mother and two others rushed the hospital bead in front of WC. There was lot of noise and yelling in the air and as soon as all those midwifes started to transport my mother to the delivery room, most of the people staying on that ward were up and were lurking from their room doors. That high speed and noisy midwife convoy ran to the the delivery and arrived there at 02:40 and because somebody didn’t like slow motion action, yeah, Jyrki was born at 02:55 with a loud noise. The rest is his history of course.

The Story of The Mäkelä

It was first meant to be story of news media house led by its founder. Due to simple fact that his main career is requiring a lot of time and energy, Jyrki decided to regroup the whole The Mäkelä thing and keep it one man media band and to have fun. It’s not a news media, it’s not purely just another entertainment thing. It’s a wild mixture of serious stuff and humor.

The man who like to read (2-4 hours each day), has explored some countries, tried to live in few of them and had some adventures in “not vacation spots”. He loves good movies, great podcasts and situation comedy. His life hasn’t been a plain rosy path, but he loves challenges and is like at home in crisis situation. “My first seven years at school were real hell on earth experience thanks to sadistic teacher who liked to use physical and mental violence gave us a real shit every day. I survived as I was way to stubborn to quit. Quitting doesn’t belong to my vocabulary”, says Jyrki. But why this English version then? Easy answer! During the spring and summer months of 2020 there’s been a hundreds of requests especially from US to have Jyrki doing stuff in English. There you go folks! He is glad to do it. People need some fun stuff to listen, read and see. Life is too short to live it miserable way.

Jyrki Mäkelä