Have a Mask. How Hard it Can Be?

During ongoing week Finnish government made finally official statement that it recommends people to have face mask on when they’re travelling on by using public transportation methods, in a bus, subway, tram or in a train. It’s only a recommendation not an order to do so. I some what understand that on a spring it was pointless to make such an recommendation as there was serious lack of proper masks available to public. Now the situation is very much different. There are no serious lack of masks any longer. Numerous companies are producing masks also in Finland.

People Need Leaders

Simple fact is that people need leaders. Most of the people are use to follow orders in many issues instead of making their own decisions. That’s just reality of life. The more firm and clear as a bell the leaders are, the more bigger numbers people follow the example of leaders. If you need some real life examples, take a look at history. In Finland e.g. people like K.J. Ståhlberg (Finland’s first president), Risto Ryti (Finland’s prime minister during the Winter War and 5th president. Or let’s take some great examples out of Finland. General Anthony Clement “Nuts” McAuliffe. Who became a famous during the Battle of Bulge in World War II, especially his response to German commander to his surrender demand. McAuliffe gave one word answer and inspired his troops to keep fighting. What was the answer to the German commander?

To the German Commander.


The American Commander

Or late’s take a look another brave men and leader. Staff Sergeant Clint Romesha. Veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. in 2009 he and his fellow service buddies at a Combat Outpost Keating faced heavy attack by Talebans. During that time Romesha was a sargeant. Combat Outpost Keating was a very small combat outpost with a 50 soldiers and the enemy attack was carried out by around about 300 Taleban fighters. Romesha demonstrated way above and beyond the duty actions during the fight and was later rewarded with Medal of Honor (the highest US Military reward). During the 12 hours fight Romesha got wounded but still carry on fighting.

Why I’m Telling these?

People need leaders. The tougher the situation, the more important leadership is and that it is functioning well, rapidly and clear as a bell.

During this Covid-19 crisis I have seen so many people giggling, acting like a true fools and this kind of behavior can be still seen when travelling by train or visiting a place where are lot of people and you better have a mask on or you’re taking purely stupid risk to have a virus affection. If the leaders messages would be loud and clear and there would be also sanctions for those who would break the rules and not wearing a mask when being a public, people would wear them. Recommendation is too mild as far as I concern. There are always idiots who don’t care others and don’t take this crisis enough serious. So, how hard it can be? Wear the damn mask if you’re in public place where proper safety distances cannot be keep. That’s it. Over and out.

Jyrki Mäkelä

Jyrki Mäkelä.