The Rise of The Mäkelä

I’ve been very much busy with my migraine care practice and building up a new health tech company and revolutionary third generation high technology care product with our team.

These two career and all the usual and unusual mayhem of the world running around us, I had to put The Mäkelä on hold for a suitable moment to come up to cheer some, irritate many others or wise versa. Like it or not, haha!

So, what’s going to happen then, you may ask, and you may my friend! As I have these mentioned healthcare missions and that journey started by the way quarter of a century ago, so it’ll be around as long as a “race track” between my ears is somewhat functioning well.

Huge Desire to Speak Up!

Even as a tiny and skinny chap I had a unspeakable ability to tap the shoulders of world class sports heroes the current and upcoming ones. After living this life, seen lot of life from almost each corner of the world, having met thousands and thousands of folks from every walk of life. Not to mention being crazy about learning new things, discover history of the world, technology and stories behind the companies and world events, I have my own, yeas again, unspeakable, unfiltered view of and strong opinions of lot of things – which are of course the best, just kidding, really not! So, I having spent quiet on this so called media front regrouping my ideas, I came up with an perfect idea, of course, to launch my show again but in a bit different form. So, there’s gonna be lot of straight talks what is happening on this amazing and crazy earth. All opinions are mine and mine alone. No organization, individual, natural, para-natural or very un-natural cannot be have any affect what so ever. The best reaction could be something like what was said in the movie called Argo. “The target audience will hate it!” CIA officer asked, “who is the target audience?” The Hollywood make-up artist John Chambers replied, “People with eyes.” That’s a good one.

Long story short. There’s gonna be weekly stuff, some occasions it’s gonna be podcast, another occasions it’s gonna be a video. Sometimes, perhaps article, interviews probably will take a place but not those Finnish politicians surely as they’re just prima fake ballerinas dressed semi nicely. They look ugly, sound ugly and I’m really not willing to waste my extremely valuable time for them. I rather reach out some really interesting folks who actually have something interesting stories and experiences to share. More like unheard stories. Couple of folks I do have in mind and they are all from US. Yes. If there’s gonna be some interview, it’ll be international one.

So, there’s gonna be lots of fun, at least from my shoes and pants. Hold on to your hat and snickers boys and gals, as nothing can stop me!

Jyrki Mäkelä

Jyrki Mäkelä.